Jeffrey W. Monroe

Jeffrey W Monroe, Division Manager, Metron

Division Manager

Mr. Monroe joined Metron in 1990 and mostly recently became the founder and Division Manager of the Metron office at Liberty Station in San Diego, CA. He has 20 years experience in Navy modeling and simulation including CWM, NSS, EXTEND, ITEM, COSMOS, STK, NETWARS, OPNET Modeler, GCAM, STORM, Pro Vision, SLAMEM, AREPS, and JCSS, as well as eight years experience with DODAF process and products.

From 2009 to 2012, Mr. Monroe has served as the Division Manager of Metron’s Liberty Station office which has grown from five employees to almost thirty employees. He has managed annual budgets of approximately $6 Million. He led the Metron effort to win the $28 Million follow-on NSS modeling and simulation contract with SPAWAR 5.1.1.

From 2000 to 2009, Mr. Monroe served as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for SPAWAR 5.1.1 conducting extensive Military / Maritime modeling, simulation, and analysis; as well as DoD Architectural Framework and Object-Oriented Software Design and Development. He conducted models analysis utilizing various software programs. He participated in planning and design meetings for STORM development within N816. Mr. Monroe served as a SME and Liaison for model development for N816 World Class Modeling efforts that included enhancing existing models (NSS), developing proto-type models (VIPER) and integrating existing models. He conducted MCO/CC analysis on MCO-1, MCO-2, MCO-3, and Irregular Warfare (GWOT). He conducted Mission Thread and Analysis associated with ASW, SuW, MI, GWOT, ISR, TBMD, Strike, Naval Fires, Information Operations, Computer Network Operations (CNO) including Computer Network Attack (CNA), Computer Network Defense (CND) and Computer Network Exploitation (CNE). He developed tactical situations including updates to: order of battle, TOI, CCOI and CONOPs. He led studies that used all aspects of DoDAF. He managed studies that referenced OV-6c activities to UJTL, UNTL and NMETs. He conducted analysis of C4ISR Systems, Human Decision Making, Human System Integration (HSI), Communications Systems, Bandwidth Demand, ISR, Processing Exploitation and Dissemination (PED). He acted as SME advisor to the team that wrote the SPAWAR 5.1.1 SOP. The Reachback study (Mr. Monroe Technical Lead, Barbara McBride Government Lead) was used as the example study during the development of the SPAWAR 5.1.1 SOP. He has participated in all aspects of the 5.1.1 SOP including: developing POA&M (including deliverables, cost and schedule for specific studies), Quicklooks, MOEs MOPs, and final briefs and final reports. Finally, Mr. Monroe has extensive experience leading analytic studies and working directly with SPAWAR 5.1.1 customers (OPNAV N81F and OPNAV N6F). He has helped customers define study goals and lead studies to successful conclusions. He regularly briefs results and study approaches to senior Navy flag and SES leadership (RDML Burroughs, RADM Bachmann, Mr. Barber, Mr. Weddel, Ms Beale, CAPT Anklam). He maintains close collaboration and excellent working relationships with all key SPAWAR 5.1.1 team members.

From 1995 to 2000, Mr. Monroe was the Co-architect of the Naval Simulation System (NSS).

From 1990 to 1995, Mr. Monroe was the Lead Developer for Composite Warfare Model (CWM) the predecessor to NSS.


  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, University of California, San Diego, 1990