Work Environment


Metron's individual offices provide employees with a productive, private, and enjoyable work environment. Space is designed to help foster a collaborative atmosphere. This is accomplished through multi-purpose labs that provide access to various workstations, as well as workspace for large projects and meetings.

Technical Library

Metron's expanding technical library contains more than 2,000 volumes in the mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences as well as periodicals in applied mathematics, physics, and computer science.

Computer Facilities

Part of Metron's responsibility to its clients is to provide business solutions using the latest technology available. To this end, Metron is committed to taking advantage of state-of-the-art information technology.

Metron servers house terabytes of shared storage with cross-platform availability. We use only the latest communication technologies to facilitate interoperability between offices and telecommuters and provide a high-bandwidth Internet connection to all systems in the network.

Local Points of Interest