Threat Detection Suite

Track Exploitation for Activity Based Intelligence

Metron has developed a suite of analytic services to detect suspicious behavior and generate alerts from wide-area based vehicle tracks. Real-time TDS detection capabilities include anomalous motion (e.g., evasive driving or checkpoint avoidance) and threat behaviors (e.g., IED emplacements or arrivals / departures from a named area of interest such as a suspected safehouse or cache). Operators using TDS can “spray paint” areas on the map and specify minimum stopping times to aid detection and to reduce false alarms.

Our complementary MATCHER capability correlates observations from air and ground sensors (e.g., people, emitters, vehicles) and expresses the correlation confidence over time as precise probabilities. The goal of these TDS capabilities is to provide real-time alerts of suspicious activities and correlations of interest. Operators can use these alerts to automatically cue sensors to collect additional data or assets to interdict these threats.