Mine Warfare Capabilities Evaluation Tool (MCET)

The Mine Warfare Capabilities Evaluation Tool The Mine Warfare Capabilities Evaluation Tool (MCET) is a stand-alone discrete event simulation of naval mine warfare developed by Metron. MCET is a mission-level simulation that models the mine warfare problem from the initial tasking order through transit of a ship after clearance, and includes key personnel and algorithms. The MCET model quantifies the impact of system, platform and tactical level changes on high level metrics such as total operation time and remaining risk in the context of a complex scenario and environment. By running many iterations of one scenario MCET also provides quantitative estimates of the variability of the high level metrics.

The Automated Dynamic Planning Tool (ADPT) system developed by Metron and coupled with MCET models the command level staff decision process and provides a non scripted approach to planning and asset allocation. The simulated commander continually compares his perception of the tactical situation against the high level objectives. Any significant changes in this tactical picture cause the commander and his staff to assess the status of their available assets, formulate alternative courses of action, and choose a course of action. For each course of action, a mission planner develops specific plans for the system or systems. Those plans are then executed using simulated platforms and systems in the specific scenario and environment.

MCET TimelineMCET with ADPT is used by ONR, NAVSEA, and OPNAV to evaluate current and future mine warfare issues related to C4ISR, impacts of the environment, force structure, tactics, and proposed technology.