Executable Architecture Management System (ExAMS)

ExAMS seamlessly integrates traditionally static architecture data with a robust modeling and simulation (M&S) environment to support rapid operational and engineering level trade-off analyses.

Data Focused –ExAMS is built on top of a DoDAF DM2 compliant schema. All views are derived from the relationships defined by the schema and in fact many views are automatically generated. 

Performance Assessment – ExAMS incorporates the interaction of various force assets based on laydown data, sensor performance parameters, and CONOPs information to produce a variety of operational and engineering metrics.

Interoperability – ExAMS can read and write data from a variety of sources including System Architect, Magic Draw and various Microsoft Office products.



ExAMS is a critical component of SPAWAR’s Executable Architecture Requirements Model (ExARM) process and has supported efforts for varying detail level assessments from engineering specifics to black box mission level analysis.