Mine Warfare Capabilities Evaluation Tool (MCET)

Mine Warfare Capabilities Evalutation Tool (MCET)

MCET was developed to provide Mine Countermeasures trade-off and integrated system of systems performance analysis, and is the first MCM simulation model to provide unscripted Course of Action (CoA) planning.

MCET is an object oriented model, so all platforms, sensors, mines, etc. are separate objects with definable parameters. The user defines combinations of platforms/systems capable of doing specific tasking...for example, the MH60S helicopter with an ALMDS would be capable of doing a task like search surface. Each sensing/sweep system is characterized by parameters, such as probability of detection/ probability of classification etc., and is not modeled at the physics level. This allows us to use existing documentation (Blue Book for example) of characteristic values for the systems (derived from data and/or physics based models), and also allows us to do some trade analysis for determining whether improving or relaxing a particular parameter has an impact on the overall timeline or success of the system.

MCET Timeline for Single Excursion (1 LCS MCM)

Simulation: Real world on the left, virtual world on the right.